Wed, 100715F


A. This Friday night, we will be showing “FRONING” at the Gym at 7:30p. Will have some food and a great little get together to watch this film. Everyone is welcome. 
B. Join us tonight for Weightlifting 101 @6:30p on side 2 


A. OHS – those needing work treat as positional session.  Those able to achieve, climb to 3RM @31X1

*16 min

B. Bench Press – heavy 3 rep @32X1 ; in 14 min


10 push-ups 

15 hollow rocks 

20 walking lunges 
Post class – assistance work 

Weighted sit-ups 3 X 25


Partner side twist throws (50/30) slam ball – alt sides


Stomach to wall hs holds :20-:30 seconds X 5 ; rest accordingly 

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