Wed, 090413

Weightlifting Wed kicks off tonight at 7:30p. Join us! Bring your coffee and get ready for some fun with Snatch / Clean & Jerk. Everyone is welcome!

Buy In:
3 min of Dynamic Work
3 min of Dynamic Stretching – coach led
Movement prep & mobility

Fitness / Performance:
A. 1x AMRAP Pullups
B. Skill: 10 min of Gymnastics work – intensity LOW
C. 1k Row – TT
30 Power Snatches (95/64)
750m Row
30 Power Snatches

PBP Blog – rest Day

Endurance WOD:
:30 on @ 97%+
:30 on @ barely moving, but moving
x 18min

LiveFree WL:
A. Snatch Complex: Deadlift – lower to below knee and then Full Snatch – Single
B. Triple – same complex – hit triple with just a few sets
C. Clean pull + Clean Deadlift – lower below knee then SqT Clean + Jerk
D. Front Squat 4×4 – across @

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