Wed, 08212013

Weightlifting Wed kicks off at 7:30p tonight. All are welcome, join us.

A. All SFH products (new as well) are in stock.
B. New men’s shorts are on the way.
C. New Events coming soon to CFF. Stay tuned!

join us tonight!

Buy In:
4 min of Dynamic effort @Z1
3 min of dynamic stretching
Movement Prep / Mobility

Fitness / Performance:
A. Skill: HS Walks / Holds – 5-7 min
B. Push Press 5×2 – ascending , working sets starting at 80% min – 15 min approx
300m Row
15 KB Swings (53/35)
30 Double Unders

Rest / Recovery

100 DU
400m Run
100 DU
800m Run

LiveFree WL:
A. Off Highboards : Snatch + Snatch Pull + Snatch – climb in complex
B. Clean & Jerk – Triple (focus on getting back on the bar, re set and go)
C. Front Squats 2.2 x 5 – ascending rest :20, rest 3 min
D. Deadlifts 3×3 – double overhand – feather the floor, no TnG, no stopping.

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