Wed, 050317

Fitness / Performance:


A. Push Jerk – 5 x 5 ascending 

MAP Training @70-80%

amrap 10 

10 t2b

10 Shoulder to OH 115/83

10 box jumps 30/24 *step down 

rest 3 min 

amrap 10 

12 cal bike 

35 double unders  

8 ring dips (strict for those who can sustain this volume throughout. If strict and 2 sets entire time, also OK) *If not, either go kipping for a more muscular endurance route, or tone back this # a sustainable strict for you. If at 70% you cannot hit these 8 strict each time, please make sure to hit this as a focus peak for proper build out and future response. 

****modify accordingly 

Post Class: 


1k run, rest 3 min, 800m run, rest 2:30, 600m run, rest 2 min , 400m run, rest 1 min, 1k run, walk for 2 minutes, into 5 min light run working running mechanics

a. strict HSPU 10 x 5; strength sets. #’d or slight deficit for those higher level HSPU folks 

b. waiters carries 5 x 30’ each arm 

c. Crossover Symmetry + Static Stretching (athlete specific)

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