Wed, 041118

Waking up to new podcast being live and learning that 2-3 more will be up by the end of the weekend ????????


Nutrition Info is live on the CFF Blog; with Registration Link. Click HERE. Nutrition podcast coming shortly to review. Also remember, 12:30 Sunday for a group meeting. Not mandatory, but will be good for everyone to attend.


Weightlifting Wed

Function / Fitness / Performance:

A. Bench press kB / dB Bench Press – 5×10 ; ascending

B. Seated Arnold DB Strict Press – 6-8 heavy reps x 4 sets

C. Back Rack reverse step Lunges: 12-14 alt steps (backwards)

C2: superset with above. :12 max effort sprint on machine of choose

Post class:

D. becomplete:

1. accumulate 3:30 in each split position

2. 10 min dynamic focus stretching, Flow yoga type

3. DB upright row into external rotation scap work; double db’s (light) x 8-10 each side same time, x 3-4sets

4. Single Arm OHS mobility work 8-10 min

5. Crossovery symmetry

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