Wed, 040517P


Join us for WL 101 tonight, 6:30p on side two. 

New CFF Apparel is on its way! 

Nutrition Seminar April 15th – link to get signed up in our CFF Facebook group. 

Regionals tickets are on sale – Grab your tickets and come support Team CrossFit Free and Chase as they compete at the 2017 East Refional in Albany New York. 



A. 5RM Thruster – 1 second pause hole each rep


18 cal bike
15 t2b 
12 hang power cleans 155/108 – 135/93
9 shoulder to overhead 
6 burpee muscle ups 
Post Class:


A. 10 min – bear hug walk. Done in 10m / 30ft sections. Complete as many as you can in time frame – sandbag or stone. HEAVY. AND use same for future buildouts 

B. HS hold – belly to wall :20 holds x 8-10. Rest starting at :30 and increase as needed 

C. Tgu – light alt 20’reps

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