Wed, 03.18.20

She did it!!! After one of the most grueling Masters Qualifying weekends to date, she finished top 10 in the world and punched her ticket to the 2020 CrossFit Games. This will be her 3rd time qualifying for the CrossFit Games ❤️



A. OHS 5×5 / Front SqT

* ascending or across. Athletes choice by feel for today

B. 4-5 rds

21 wall balls

15 weighted sit-ups 50/35

12 hang power cleans 135/93

9 shoulder to overhead ^

60 DU

Rest :90 between rds

– modify accordingly



1. Thoracic bridge hold – 2 min accumulate

2. Banded thoracic Rotation x 15 reps x 4 sets each side

3. Banded side step x 30′ x 4 sets each side


At Home:

Min / equip

1. Sub wall ball if don’t have for anything and make a thruster movement

2. Sit-ups. Use an implement if can for weighted.

3. Hang Power clean with an implement you have.

4. Shoulder to OH – any variation.

5. DU or just jump double foot taps.


At Home No Equip:

1. Tabata x 16

Rotation each station “on” between Superman Rocks and hollow rocks

2. 1 min stations

Jumping alt lunges

Tabata sit-ups

Shoulders taps (inverted or pushups position)

Double Unders or double taps with feet

Rest 1 min between stations x 4 rds

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