Wed, 02132013

Weightlifting Wed tonight, 7:30p…Join us!

See note at bottom regarding Opens Schedule for Programming, those participating in Opens.

2013 Opens Registration Link is up. Go register! We want every member of CFF to register and join us on this journey. Click HERE

1. SFH Protein all back in stock – with fish oil.
2. GrassFed Ground beef – in stock.
3. Link for Individual Competition hosted in April has gone live. This will sell out quick. Get in while you can.

1. Our 2nd Annual In House Team Competition is coming in February. Sign up sheet is online in the CFF group. Join us! This is for everyone!!!
2. May 11th – Attitudenation returns to CFF! Second attitudenation certification hosted at CFF. Registration link to follow!


Buy In:
300m Row,
Then 3 rds of “Cindy”,
20 Back Ext
20 Sit-ups
Group Mobility

Fitness / Performance:
MAP Training – Sustainability
A. Skill : Pistol Work / Progression
10 Pull-ups
10 GHD Sit-ups
20 Lunges

Rest 5

Row 200m
12 Star Jumps
12 Ring Dips / Parallette Dips

Rest 5

800m Run
Burpee Touches

Rest day / WLW Supplemental work

200m Runs x 10 – resting 1 min between

LiveFree Weightlifting:
A. Snatch – Triples – Highboards
B. Clean & Jerk Singles
C. Clean Pulls – Highboards – 3×2 @110%
D. FS – 4×2 – across

Scheduling. So, as you all know, Regionals is our MAIN goal. With that said, we are programming come opens, accordingly. We know giving ourselves 2x each workout is the best route to accomplish our goal. Weekly Competitors Programming will be as follows.
Monday-On. Tuesday-On. Wed-Rest. Thurs-Opens WOD Friday-On. Sat-Rest. Sun-Opens WOD

All competitors will do the Opens WOD together, 7:30p on Thursdays to drive each other and push. All will be welcome but this is our time to train together and push one another. Also again on Sundays for our second go at the workout for an improved score.

Just a few more weeks CFF, then the world will see just how hard we have been working!!!!

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