Tuesday, 08202013

A. Stay tuned for announcements on seminars being hosted at CFF, our In-House Team Competition, New products being carried and new equipment arrival. (Also posted in private FB group)
B. ENDURANCE WOD – is back daily. For those looking to hit an endurance add in or simply a day away from gym where it’s feasible, this will be on the blog for those endurance folks. Per week, we will hit each time domain, tapping into some fun stuff. This will not periodization based on a yearly cycle, simply variety and endurance; lining up with our weekly stuff etc

CFF Fam on the road

Buy In:
4 min of Dynamic Effort @Z1
3 min movement Prep WOD
Group Mobility

Fitness / Performance:
A. Power Clean x 2 + Shoulder to OH – Heavy on Complex – 15-18 min
B. MAP – @80-85%
8 Deadlifts (225/153)
8 Box Jumps (step down) (24/20)
8 CG Push-ups

Rest 4

200m Run
8 T2B / K2E
16 OH Walking Lunge (45/25)

PBP Blog

:20 on @90
:20 on @60
X 12 on rower
Right into
:30 on @90
:30 on @60

LiveFree Weightlifting:
A. BS Cycle – week 2 Day 1
B. Power Clean + Hang Power Clean
C. Push Press – 3×5 ascending
D. 20 TGU @35 – alternating arms

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