Tuesday, 052615


A. 2015 Regionals T Shirts – we still have some left so in we have decided to sell these for $10 per; with the money taken in, these will go to help Coach Tasia and Coach Chase for their Travels to their competitors upcoming… Helping them prep for the 2016 season. 

Fitness / Performance:

A. EMOM – complex – 3 position clean (power) – floor + below or at knee + above knee – x 6-7 minutes @ weight of choice – heavy, but SPEED is the focus


10 Burpees (over #45 plate)

10 KB Swings (heavy)

300m row 
D. Post Class – Assistance Work 

Reverse hyper – 3 x 20 @25% of your back SqT – or banded good mornings for higher reps 
20 tgu – light weight – just focused on locked on stability holds
3 x 20 banded scap Squeezes 

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