Tuesday, 042319

Please join us in welcoming Janelle to the Coaching Staff at CrossFit Free! Over the next few months, she will be working her way into some coaching roles; running On Ramps, Private training and assisting with classes. When you see her next, throw a high five. Completing her level 1 was a big goal of hers and we are super excited to have her on the team.



Running clock

3 rds

800m run

10 / 7 muscle ups / 10 burpee pull-ups

Rest 5 min or winner wins depending on class

3 rds

20/16 cal bike

75’ HS walk / 125′ bear crawl


Post class:


1. Med ball twist throws x alt aides x 20-30 throws

2. Side plank hold x 1 min each side x 3 sets each

3. TgU – light reps x 10 each side

4. kB windmills 4×5-6 each side

5. Dead bugs x 15 reps x 4 set each side

6. Crossover symmetry

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