Tuesday, 041415



Did you buy your tickets to regionals yet? Remember, CrossFit Free Coaches Tasia and Chase will be competing individually, along with Team CrossFit Free qualifying a Team. Come support!

Fitness / Performance:

A. Power Snatch – build to heavy tng triple in 15 min 

^ muscle snatch or light work assigned by coach specific to athletes needs 


250m row

5 hang power cleans (185/113)(155/103)(135/93) etc 

10 box jump overs (24/20) 

Rest 5 min 


5 wall balls (30/20)

5 t2b

Post class 

A. Tabata hollow rocks 

B. 4 rds 

15-20 banded scap squeezes 

:30 – 1 min side plank hold (each side)

10 plate around the worlds (each direction) *plate overhead bent arms rotate behind and Infront around head etc

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