Tuesday, 041018

It’s coming! Details announced today and podcast live soon!

*CFF Nutrition Challenge kicks off Monday, April 16th (Updated). Full details coming soon and we are very excited for this to roll out. We will have a meeting April 15th, 12:30pm, at the gym for all participating.


Function / Fitness / Performance:

a. Snatch deadlift 10RM+1×10@90%

B. EMOM x 16-20 minutes

Minute 1: Bike 20/15 calories

Minute 2: 90′ farmers carry


Post class:


1. 50 UB Barbell Thrusters; Smooth efficient – not for time. Hands full on car and working efficiency and positioning

2. 5 rds, 20 banded face pulls + :20-:30 L Sit hold + 10 inverted scap squeezes + 5 hang single arm scap squeezes (hanging from rig)

3. GHD Barbell Row (parallel hold to ground) heavy 6-8 reps x 4 sets

4. Crossovery Symmetry + 15+ minutes of foam roll and lax ball work

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