Tuesday, 032817

Post 17.5 session
1. New CFF apparel is on its way! 
2. Nutrition seminar will be April 15th with Mike Molloy. Cost will be $50 and link will be up in the CFF Fb private page for those interests in joining us. 
3. CFF Gatherings upcoming : a. Trampoline dodgeball B. Scheduled golf outing (later in year but will have dates soon).   
4. CLINICS ARE BACK!!’ Stay tuned for dates for the following clinics: a. Gymnastics b. Double unders c. Weightlifting d. Running / rowing d. Mindset of Training 
5. CFF will be announcing our next hosted competition. Teams of 2, same gender. Both RX & Scaled. Stay tuned

Fitness / Performance:

A. Deadlift 6 x 3 ; ascending from 80%

B. 3 rds

20/16 cal bike

30 c2b pull-ups 

40 wall balls
*modify accordingly 

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