Thursday, 100815

Team Thursday! 


A. This Friday night, we will be showing “FRONING” at the Gym at 7:30p. Will have some food and a great little get together to watch this film. Everyone is welcome. 

Fitness / Performance:

Teams of 2:  Female / Male

A. Warmup: with your partner 

4 min of Dynamic Work 

4 min alt rds of, 3- 5 strict Pullups, 7-10 push-ups, 12 alt lunge steps 

4 min rotating row intervals – teams choose. Think shorter duration intervals and increasing intensity as you go 

6 min of mobility / warmup for movements / bar work 

***team are in charge of the above together. If you are not comfortable with this, coach will draw up your teams warmups and movements for each above. 

B. 14 min on clock – max clean and Jerk – score = total weight combined for each genders max (Can use two bars. Only one teammate lifting at a time)

Rest 4 min 

@18 min mark 

10 min clock 

1k m row

75 KB swings (70/53) *russian for women

50 shoulder to overhead 115/73

75 t2b / k2e

100 double unders / 150 singles 

Rest 5 min 

@30 min mark 

7 minute clock  – chipper style 

50 burpee box jump overs (20)

AMRAP wall balls (20/14) to 10′
Coaches: 58 min clock time above 

– line up and visit whiteboard few minutes early for class kickoff 

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