Thursday, 05.21.20

De-load week

A. Join us Monday at 9a for Virtual Murph with lots from the community. Stay tuned for adjustments, team formats etc



Warm up

2 rounds :

8 hip circles in lunge (each way)

8 glute bridges

8 kang squats


2 rounds

4 push up to down dog w: 02 pause

4 air squats

4 burpees


2 rounds

10 hollow rocks

10 Superman’s


Full Gym:

A1. Deadlift – Heavy 8 rep and heavy 4 rep

A2. 3x seated box jumps

B. 400m run – every 3 min x 5

C. Emom x 15

Minute 1: 4-6 Turkish get ups alt arms

Minute 2: 12-15 weighted sit-ups

Minute 3: :40 of alt box step ups (front rack)


Minimal Equipment / Zoom:

A1. Single Leg Deadlift from 1″ deficit. 8-10 reps each x 5 sets each side

– use any implement you have. If lighter, slow down tempo on single leg to catch up there.

A2. 3x squat broad jumps

*superset a2 Once both sides done 1 sets. Rest :90-2 min before back to A1

B. Emom x 15

Minute 1: :20-:30 HS hold

Minute 2: 12-15 weighted sit-ups

Minute 3: :40 worth alt step ups. Use any implements you have and step up to anything you do have. Ideally 20″ ish

C. Recovery / stretch – coach lead on zoom

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