Thursday 032615



A.  Join us this Fridsy night at 6p for Friday Night Lights. We will hit the 15.5 Opens WOD as a community and have a ton of fun!  Join us. 

B. Stay tuned for announcements on Apparel / Supplements deals coming soon!

Fitness / Performance:

A. Bounding Work – seated box jump , to drop, rebound long jump , to rebound high jump  – 10 min 

B. 5-7 min on Hand Balancing  / HS Walk practice 

C. Afap 

300m row

20 alt kb / Db snatch’s s

10 Single arm Manmakers (same Db or kb)

Rest 1 min x 3

D. :30 on hard :30 on easy – athlete choose equipment and time duration (within class or can cont after)

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