Thursday, 01032013

Thank you in advance for everyone corporation with the construction going on. We are doing our best to get the work done ASAP. With the help of our awesome members, we should be all cleaned up VeRY soon!

Yoga tonight, 7:30p! Allison has a great session in store. Join us!

1. 30 Day Challenge – No Grains …. Starts Jan 7th. Details to follow.
2. In House Team Comp registration will be up this week and posted in our online Group.

1. Jan 5th – CFF One Year celebration. Starts at gym in the AM for a workout for all. Continues in the afternoon, at The Fuse Bistro. Everyone welcome for WOD. Only members welcome at The Fuse.
2. Feb 23rd – In House Team Comp. members only. All levels should participate.


Buy In:
:30 on :15 Off
Row x 5
Then, 2x through
Mountain Climbers
AbMat Sit-ups
Back Extensions
Scap Squeezes
– Group Mobility
^ Hamstring – band on Rig
^ Couch Stretch
^ Shoulder Dislocates
^ quick dynamic Hip Complex

Fitness / Performance:
A1. Pendlay Rows 5×5 @21X1, NO rest
A2. HIGH Box Jump x 2 , rest 1 Minute
B. AMRAP 5 of – 7 Deadlift, 5 Power Cleans, 3 Cartwheels Over Bar – (bar weight (135/95) REST 3. Then, AMRAP 5, 50 Goblet Squats (53/35), MAX Rep Rows (alt every 5 each side)
^for Rows can use, KB’s, DB’s, Barbells

1. Rest Day

Competing Sunday:
1. Rest Day

Sleep Tight

Endurance WOD:
Row 500m, 50 DU, 50 Box Jumps. Rest half time it took. Then, row 250m, 25 DU, 25 Box Jumps. End with a 500m Row after half the rest of this last round.

LiveFree Weightlifting:
1. Snatch – Pendlay Step 1 – Singles
2. Snatch Pull 2×1 @5% higher than shooting for on Friday.
3. Behind Neck Push Press 2×3

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