Thurs, 01102013

Yoga tonight, 7:30p! Join us and get that body moving properly!

1. Link to Google Doc for 30 Day Challenge will be up today/tomorrow. Enter your points daily to be involved.
2. All SFH Products are in stock
3. Construction is moving along. Thank you for everyone’s patience.

1. Our 2nd In house Competition is coming! Sign up! Google Doc is on the CFF Facebook Group Page. This is for everyone

Beach weather is right around the corner. Grab your friends and family and get them in to join us!

Buy In:
EMOM x 5 min
15 Mtn Climbers
10 Back Ext
EMOM x 5 min
3 Pull-ups (Strict)
5 Wall Balls
7 KB Swing (35/26)
Group Mobility
– Hamstrings
– Shoulders
– Thoracic

Fitness / Performance:
A. Power Clean 7×2
*doesnt have to be TnG, but no rest. Regrip, get your position and Go!
10 KB Ground To OH (1 arm at a time, alt after 5)
1 Rope Climb
35 Double Unders / 100 Singles

Rest 4

10 Hang Power Cleans (95/65-75/45)
10 Push-ups
10 Box Step Ups (KB or DB’s each hand)

A. Rest Day

Endurance WOD:
:15 on :15 off – 15 Intervels.
^ find a pace. Try to sustain. Do not go balls to wall out of the gate.

LiveFree Weightlifting:

A. Push Press 5×2 (front)
B. Jerk – EMOM @ 80-85% x 10 min
C. GHD Sit-ups 3×15
D. No Hook (no straps),No Feet Snatch – climbing singles. Nothing to heavy

LiveFree Barbell:
Rest Day

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