• Saturday, 09.14.19

    Team Saturday!



    1. Tomorrow (Sunday) – we have many folks from CFF skydiving at Sky Dive New England (Lebanon, Maine). From noon til sunset. We will be grilling and hanging out for the day. Everyone is welcome to come hang out, watch and maybe even jump! There’s still some spots left for the day.



    A. Clean x 3 + FS x 2 + Jerk ; to heavy in 12 min

    Rest 2

    B. 10 min clock

    20 / 16 cal bike (each)

    400m plate run 45/25 *both run, can swap as needed.

    20 / 16 cal row (each)

    400m plate run^

    Rest 2-3 min

    C. 10 min clock

    30 strict pull-ups

    60 push-ups

    120 air squat

    240 double unders

  • Saturday, 09.07.19 Team

    25% off!




    100/80 cal bike

    80 plate g to oh 45/25

    60 plate OH alt lunge

    40 synchro abmat sit-ups

    20 synchro burpees

    10 dB manmakers 50/35

    20 synchro burpees

    40 synchro abmat sit-ups

    60 single arm oh alt lunge steps

    80 alt db snatch 50/35

    100/80 cal bike

  • Saturday, 08.31.19 T

    Team Saturday

    A. High Hang SqT Clean – to 3RM in 15 min

    B. Running clock



    50/40 cal bike

    25 synchro burpees

    50 dB front Squats

    25 synchro burpees

    @12 min min mark – afap – Time cap = class

    200m bear crawl (both partners go, can switch whenever choose)

    40/32 cal bike

    200 double unders

    40 c2b pull-ups

    20 dB burpee squat clean thruster 50/35’s

  • Saturday, 08.24.19 T



    Team Saturday

    Team of 2

    A. Weightlifting

    0-8 min – max snatch

    8-16 min – max clean and jerk

    Rest clean up 4 min

    B. @20 min mark

    Amrap 20

    1k run (alt every 200m)

    50/40 cal bike

    50 pushups

    100 air squats

  • Saturday, 08.17.19 T

    Team Saturday



    A. CFF invades Skydive New England: event Page is live and spots filling. Those interested, pay the deposit and get in while you can. Making a day out of up there.

    B. WL 101 is in its “off” weeks. Stay tuned for new cycle dates and while we head back to the Snatch; our next WL 101 class will be a technique focused class with programming built in; building and progressing out.

    C. Interested in one to one training sessions to brush up on skills? Our coaches are opening up PT time slots. Interested, email info@crossfitfree.com

    D. Hard Body Meals has joined forces with CrossFit Free. Stay tuned for discount codes and information regarding the process. They will be in house Monday night to discuss.


    Teams of 2

    A. 5RM Hang SqT Clean in 15 min

    Rest 2-3 min

    B. Afap

    100/80 cal bike *partner holds plate overhead 45/25 while work is being done

    75 hang power snatch 95/63 / Heavy KB swings

    100 OHS ^ / Heavy goblet squats

    75 t2b / k2e / knee tucks / v ups

    100 burpees onto plate *other partner most hold plate overhead while work is being done

  • Saturday, 08.03.19 T

    Team Saturday

    A. Clean cluster 1.1.1 + Jerk

    * :10 count between cleans, after final clean, jerk it

    Max weight in 15 min

    B. Amrap 20

    200m buddy carry run

    15 strict pull-ups

    10 squats snatch’s 155/103*

    **modify to Db or KN squat cleans at 20 reps