• Saturday, 07.17.21

    Buddy week is coming to an end! We had our biggest buddy week in 10 years at the facility. We want to thank each and every one of you that has pushed us to this point, helped share our vision and helped progress and grow our community.

    Thank you!


    Teams of 2

    A. 10 min Row

    Max meters

    *Mens teams swap every 250m

    *Ladies teams swap every 200m

    B. 10 min clock

    150 walls balls

    *emom x 4 synchro burpees

    C. AFAP

    25 wall walks

    250 double unders

    500m buddy carry

    500m sandbag carry 80/60


  • Saturday, 07.10.21

    Team Saturday

    A. 4 rds

    1k row (alt every 250m)

    12 wall walks

    24 db burpees cleans 50/35’s

    36 db box step overs 50/35’s over 24/20

    400m run (each)

  • Saturday, 06.26.21
    Team Saturday

    Teams of 2

    A. Max lifts – power variation

    16-18 min for max snatch / max clean and jerk

    – 1 partner on snatch

    – 1 on clean and jerk

    B. Afap

    100 pull-ups

    1k run (200m rotations)

    100 db power cleans 50/35’s

    1k run (200m rotations)

    100 sb shoulder to overhead 50/35’s

    1k run (200m rotations)

  • Saturday, 06.19.21
    Team Saturday


    For time:

    50 synchro abmat situps (passing wb back forth)

    50 synchro db snatch 50/35

    100/75 cal row

    50 db devils press 50/35

    50 db box step ups 50/35’s to 24/20

    100/75 cal row

  • Saturday, 06.12.21
    Coach Elena

    Team Saturday


    7a, 8:15

    9:30a – Open Gym


    Team of 2

    A. For Time:

    1500m row (alt every 250)

    250 double unders

    50 synchro single arm devils press 50/35

    25 wall walks

    50 synchronized deadlifts 225/153

    250 double unders

    1500m row (alt every 250)

  • Saturday, 06.05.21

    A. Afap – long and sweaty!

    50 db devils press 50/35’s

    50 synchro abmat sit-ups (passing wall ball back and forth)

    500m farmers carry 70/53’s

    500m run (broken up to 200/200/100)

    *one partner does and extra run)

    100 alt dB snatch

    100 / 70 cal row ^swap however you want

    1k run (alt every 200m)