Saturday, 10.08.22

The white mountains are peaking! Take a ride up this weekend.

Team Saturday

Elena will be jumping in on the 7a Team WOD. If you can attend, wish her well as she heads west this coming week !

A. 1 min stations

Cal c2 bike (max cL)

Synchro alt Db snatch 50/35

Synchro box steps 50/35 24/20”

Rest 1 min x 3

Score = add cals and all reps per rd

Rest 2-3

B. Afap

50 partner synchro wb abmat sit-ups

50 hang power cleans 155/105

1k partner SB run 80/60

1k run (alt 200’s)

50 synchro air squats

50 cal c2 bike

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