Saturday, 090713

CF kids class heading into the weekend

Buy In:
1 mile Trail Run
Movement Prep / Mobility

Team WOD:
A. Strict Press – 1RM
B. team of 2
Partner 1 – 1k Row AFAP
Partner 2 – 1k Row AFAP
Then repeat, totaling 2k each
Then, directly into
Slam ball partner relays, 10x200m, alternating; handing off slam ball (50/30)

Fitness / Performance:
A. Strict Press – test your 1RM
B. 2k Row – TT
C. 20 TGU – Alternating arms

PBP Blog

5k Row or Run

LiveFree WL:
A. Re-test 1RM Back Squat
B. Power versions of both movements climbing to heavy singles from floor
C. Push Press – behind or front – ascending for heavy triple

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