Saturday, 083113

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Coaches Choice
– Dynamic + movement prep / Mobility

Team WOD:
A. Front Squat – 12 min to heavy double @33X1
400M Relays x 3 a piece, tag partner in
directly into
75 Thrusters (95/65)
75 Bar Later Burpees
75 T2B / K2E

Fitness / Performance:
A. Front Squat – 12 min to heavy double @33X1
400m, max effort
Rest 6 min x 3
then right into (on the next minute)
1 min of Wall Balls
1 min of burpees
1 min of Double Unders
rest 6 x 2
C. Cash out: 20 TGU, alternating arms, focusing on stability

Cyclical work of choice

LiveFree WL:

A. SqT Cycle Week 3 Day 2
B. 15 Reps C&J @85-90%
C. Deficit HSPU 4 sets – treat as strength and proper positioning
D. Added Core Work
E. TGU – 20 reps alternating, light, focus on shoulder recovery

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