Chase Smith

At age eight I was introduced to fitness by my grandfather. He was the one who caused a “chain reaction”, that still to this day continues to happen. I would strive to learn new ways to change and challenge the body whether it was reading articles or talking to other individuals about their own experiences. The next progression came when I was in Whittier High and joined the football team. Being part of this “family” seemed like I belonged to something special and made me work harder, as I didn’t want to disappoint the “family.” I made sure I gave 110% and it paid off not only for me but my team when we took home the championship.

Soon enough I was about to come across a “greed.” This “greed” was knowledge, reading articles and talking to others was not enough for me. So I decided to take the next step in my schooling and head to college to learn more and answer my questions. I attended Plymouth State University where I graduated with a BS in Physical Education majoring in Applied Health Fitness. Even being in school didn’t stop my quest to better myself. I soon joined a Semi-pro football team known as The NH Wolfpack. My love for the game gave me that extra push to again strive to be a better all around player. Another championship and MVP was the best.

A few months after graduating I started to come across a familiar feeling. My “greed” began once again. I had trouble narrowing down how I could or even would be able to conquer this feeling or suppress this feeling. I knew I needed to find something that would constantly and continually challenge me physically and mentally as well. I didn’t know it yet but I was about to find it.

CROSSFIT! CrossFit has become this “greed” and more. It has become more than just a hobby. It has become a way to release stress, something to do to stay fit, a new sport, etc. I look at my list of reasons and it could all be summed up in one word for me now, Lifestyle. I hope to take my experiences and knowledge from the past year and use them along with learning new tricks down this endless road. I also hope that my excitement can encourage others to follow my journey and take it to their next level.