Monday, 08262013

A. Sheet for Trampoline Dodgball will be in the gym. Limited to 20 people. If more than 20, we will draw from hats for the 20 attending Friday. We might possibly get another hour ; if not, will book the second date for the remaining people.
B. Next week is Testing week for phases.

A. Trampoline Dodgeball is this Friday night.
B. There will be No 7:30p class on Thursday.
C. There will be no 6:30p class on Friday as we will be heading to SkyZone.

Wild Bill at it again

Buy In:
800m Run …. Along way, throw in some lateral movement , burpees, Squats and jumps.
Movement Prep & mobility

***keep around 15-18 min total

A. Back Squat – in 10 min climb to heavy 5. Remaining 8, hit sets of 5 across Til time is up.
B. 10 min of Clean Work
5 FS (floor – heavy)
5 HSPU (strict-if possible)
200m Run

A. BS – Cycle Week 6 Day 1 – 18 min
B. SqT Clean – heavy double TnG – 10 min
^ warmup prior
C. EMOM x 12
Odd: FS (rack) 225/153 x 5
Even: Strict HSPU – AMRAP

PBP Blog

Cyclical Work
:20 / :20
:30 / :30
:45: / :30
^ all on / on. Athletes choice. Run or Row
X 18-22 intervals
Following the above,
Rest maximum of 1 min,
Then complete
50 Burpee touches for time – AFAP
800m Run @Z1

LiveFree WL:

A. Snatch – 2 sec pause below knee Double
2x – Triples from hang below knee ; quick sets. Rest max 3 min between
B. Clean x 2 + Jerk + FS x 2
C. Back Squat Cycle Week 3 Day 1
D. 7 min Recovery Row @Z1

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