Monday, 05.25.20

Memorial Day “Murph” – Covid edition . . . Is here !


CFF Members, join us on Zoom for a day with the community. Link in the members group. 9a we will all be on, say hello and CFF coaches will lead warmup from the facility.



1 Mile Run


20 rds of

5 pull-ups

10 pushups

15 air squats


1 mile run

***those without pull-ups or set up . . .


Ring rows

Bent over barbell rows

DB renegade rows

Hang power cleans

Kb swings

***those who have NOT done pull-ups in quite sometime, maybe not add those in randomly today if you have their chance. Modify accordingly


5 bent over barbell rows

***weights 135/93 on heavy side. 115/83. 95/63 etc



1 mile run together,

Alt rds of

5 pull-ups / variation

10 pushups

15 air squats


1 mile run together


Other modifications:

Row / bike instead of run. Try to keep in your time frame of your run (if some)

Modify run distance to achievable where needed.

Pushups: knees on ground, to object , angles using wall etc

Squats: sit to a chair and up if needed etc

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