Monday, 04083013

WE MADE IT! 24th in the NorthEast and heading to Regionals. We are so proud of everyone at CFF and super excited to compete in May!


1. Pro Strength Protein, now in stock! Great alternative to Whey!
2. SFH – Pure, Recovery and Fish Oil – Fully in Stock
3. Men’s CFF Shorts – back in stock.

1. May 11th – Attitudenation returns to CFF! Second attitudenation certification hosted at CFF. Registration link to follow!
2. June 1st – The Explosive Seminar returns to CrossFit Free. Check FB for details


Buy In:
400m Row
15 Hip Extensions
15 GHD Sit-ups
2 Rounds of “Cindy”
12 Walking Lunges (with Samson Stretch)
Group Mobility


Fitness / Performance:
A1. Back Squat 4×10 @21X1 / 20X1
A2. Burpee Broad High Jump x 2, rest
B. :30 on : 30 off – Rower x 10 Intervals @ Z4-Z5
C. 200m Run x 5 , resting 1 min between
***can choose B or C first etc

Rest / Recovery Day
*Get ready for the real stuff to start tomorrow!

LiveFree WL:
*Squat Cycle Starts today
A. Snatch – Highboard Single
B. Highboard Triple
C. Clean & Jerk – Double
D. Back Squat 4×8 – ascending

LiveFree BB:
A1. Safety Squat Bar Box Squat 1RM for day
A2. Deficit DL – single @ 65-70%
B. Single Leg Squats – BB – 4×5 (each leg) @31X1
C. Safety Squat Bar Good Mornings 3×5
D. Recovery Row or AD

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