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  1. this will be our first full week of program where you can expect similar stimulus and weekly outlay to what you are use to.  With the blog being 7 days a week now, stay tuned for a video coming out later today discussing this. What folks should do for training days ON/OFF (schedule) and what folks need to watch out for during these times. Linking stress of current state with your daily workouts and understanding more about what this means to your fitness, current and future health.
  2. Full Home Gym / Barbell  added to the blog daily. This will be for those looking to utilize their home gym equipment (if you have). More on this and how we can assist you in coming days with equipment and variation options.
  3. Those looking for additional options per day, add ons, strength cycles and more. Check out the Complete Athletic Performance Website HERE, register for the site (FREE to view CAP 60) and follow along. Questions, let us know!
  4. ZOOM CALL tonight, 8pm to discuss the Nutrition Challenge upcoming. (Starting Wed). Tune in and check the FB page for link to join. Questions, just shoot a message in.



5 min Run (or machine if choice if you have) – @ (1 min at 50%, 1 min @70%, 1 min @90%, 2 min at 60% – focus on breathing and bringing heart rate back down)
3 rds
30’ Inch worm
30’ bear crawl
10 pushups
30’ alt walk high kicks  (hamstring)
30’ alt walking pull heal to butt
3 rds
5 Sun Salutations (
Demo HERE)
10 alt lunges w/ Samson stretch
10 inverted scap squeezes (handstand hold)
10 alt shoulder taps in plank position (advanced can go while inverted in HS hold)

Movement prep for your below category


FULL HOME GYM or Barbell add on work: 

A. Snatch – 5RM TnG, Style, OR those building in the snatch, sets of 4-5 reps, ascending and working speed.

B1. Deadlift: 1” deficit to cluster to max weight for the day. :10 count between reps
B2. 1 min Plank Hold x 4-5 sets from the heavy cluster attempts


50 cal row / or bar facing burpees (if no rower)
40 power cleans 135/93
30 thrusters
20 (1+1) push-up + strict pullups
100’ HS walk / 200′ bear crawl
– modify accordingly


Minimal Equipment: 

50  DB Facing burpees
50 alt DB power Clean
50 alt DB  thrusters
25 (1+1) push-up + strict pullups
100’ HS walk / 200′ Bear Crawl 

*option: Add weighted Vest


No Equipment: 
50 burpees
400m run + 40 good mornings to parallel
30 Air SqT High Jumps
20 Strict HSPU / 20 Hand Release Pushups
100’ HS walk / 200′ Bear Crawl
*Option: Add weighted Vest
Cooldown Session:
  1. db single arm Row w/ twist rotation at top (chest towards dB) x 8 reps each side x 4 sets each side
  2. Front rack single leg step ups x 10 reps each side x 3-4 sets : controlled eccentric and movement is most important
  3. (a) thoracic Bridge x :30-:45. (b) :30-:45 dynamic stretch of downward dog x 5 sets through this superset
  4. Waiters Carry x 40-50’ x 5x each arm ; rest accordingly
  5. Weighted Situps 3 x 20

***If no equipment, use something weighted for the rows or bands / belt for tension. Same for step ups and situps, use anything, throw vest on etc

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