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1. Jan 26th we are hosting a Team Competition at CFF. We are still looking for volunteers to help with this day.
2. Our 2nd Annual In House Team Competition is coming in February. Sign up sheet is online in the CFF group. Join us! This is for everyone

Oh how far he has come. CFF is proud of you Dyl!

Buy In:
:30 on :15 off (stay at station 3x before rotating)
1. Rower
2. Mtn Climbers
3. Scap Squeezes
4. GHD Back Ext
5. Squats (air or bar)
3×5 Pull-ups, resting :20 between
Group Mobility

A1. Back Squat 10×2 @32X1
A2. Chin-Ups x3 (Strict) #if need be (DB between feet etc)
B. :30 on :15 off x 14 rds – Burpees (to target) Keep Track of Total Reps
C. 3x – Max Pull-ups, Rear Band Squeezes x 15 , Resting 1 min between rds

A. Snatch – 2 second pause below knee
(Doubles) x 5 at higher % #
B. Back Squat 3×1, 2×3 @20X1
C. :30 On :15 Off x 14 – Burpees (to target)
D. 3x – Max Pull-ups, Rear Band Scap Squeeze x 15 , rest 1 min between

A. Snatch – 2RM for day (floor)
B. Complex – Power Snatch, OHS, Squat Snatch, OHS
C. Back Squat 5×4
A. :30 On :15 Off – Burpees x 14 rds (to target)
B. 5 rds – Max Pull-ups, Rear Band Scap Squeezes x 15 , rest 1 min between
C. L Sit Holds – Parallettes


Endurance WOD:
800m Run or 1000m Row
X 5 rds. Resting approx 1/2 took you to complete.

LiveFree Weightlifting:
A. Snatch – Triples (floor)
B. Snatch Pulls 3×3 @110%
C. Clean – max for day off Highboards
D. Jerks 5×2
E. Back Squat 5×3

LiveFree Barbell:

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