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We all have goals in life. Though what drives us to achieve those goals? Is it simply a desire to reach the finish line? It’s doubtful that something so flimsy will ever provide you with the resolution necessary to accomplish anything of much worth in life. Everything that you have ever achieved, you did for a REASON. A reason is quite literally the biggest thing that is going to set you apart from every other person out there saying they want the same things you do. It is what the underdogs use to upset the more talented, its what leads to success, and it is what can create legends.

Given the forum, it makes sense here to set this in the context of CrossFit, but the truth is that this applies to all aspects of life. If you want something, you better figure out why, and keep that in the fore most part of your mind. This is of paramount importance when things start to get spicy, such as in the middle of a WOD when the thoughts of quitting begin to creep in. I’m talking about that point in the middle of your workout when the lactic acid built up in your legs becomes unbearable, when your lungs start to burn, when your vision narrows, when you start to question how badly you really want to finish the WOD in under 7 mins like you told yourself before the clock went off. If you have a reason, a purpose, then the question is moot. You had already decided before the workout even began what was going to happen. You already decided that you were going to beat your previous time, or snatch that extra 5 lbs, or do just one more rep, you already knew that you were going to go unbroken on that AMRAP. You knew this, because you had a reason to make it happen. Pain can cause even the most stout athlete to breakdown. For without a purpose, the suffering endured is masochistic, not heroic, and it won’t last.

It might sound like I am just playing the semantics game, but Im not. Wanting something is a completely different concept from having a purpose or reason to want that same thing. Having a purpose creates a need, which is definitively stronger than any want. When you need something, it creates a resolute sense that is unwavering and will drive you to your goal, for your goal has now become a necessity.

A reason can come in many forms; maybe your reason is your children. Perhaps being healthy and living a long life so that you can be there for them is important to you. Now every time you feel that burn in your lungs, you picture your children, and that literally dulls the pain and carries you through to the next round. Or maybe you have a need to prove something to yourself. Now when the pain sets in, you imagine yourself happier and in a better state all because of what you are achieving now, and that carries you through. The critical aspect in determining your purpose is that it must be something so important, so necessary, that you are willing to sacrifice yourself for it.

It really is astounding what the human body can tolerate and even thrive in when you turn your mind off, or simply allow it to focus on a singular purpose. When you have a reason to accomplish something, a real purposeful sense of determination…your body will show you how amazing it truly is.

– Jordan, CrossFit Free

“For the meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour. What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment.”
-Viktor Frankl

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