Garage Games in Milford, CT 10/19

This is the THIRD YEAR of the most spectacular team event in the Northeast. A CrossFit Games competing box that exudes the feeling of competition with every breath.

This is the FINALE event for the Northeastern Affiliate Cup following Mass Mayhem (SOLD OUT) and Fall Faceoff (need to do at least two of these three to be considered for victory).

Four Person Teams of TWO GUYS and TWO GIRLS.  The teams do not need to be the exact teams from the other events.  So Affiliates, get your top crew together and lets all meet at Milford for one heck of a party!

Over the weekend there will be 5 workouts.

All teams will compete in 4/5 workouts.  The final event will have cuts down to the top 10.

The goal is to test who has the fittest team.  For that reason, there will be no major weight or complexity in the first four workouts that will take away from testing the teams fitness.  All members should be able to perform movements efficiently (OHS/snatch/ clean/ pull ups/ Ctb pull ups), however the weight of movements for the first four workouts will not be programmed to keep teams from competing.  Same holds true for gymnastics movements.  In the first four workouts you will not see muscle ups and handstand push ups. What you will see are challenges put together to test your will and strength as a unit!

Check out some of the Journal Menu (Awesome Sponsor of ours) photos from a prior event!


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