Friday, 083013

Reminder: There will be no 6:30p class this evening. We are leaving at 6:30 to head to the Skyzone. Still a few spots available for those wanting to join. Get in while you can.

Buy In:
4 min of Dynamic @ Z1
3 rds of “Cindy”
Movement Prep / Mobility

A. Power Snatch / Muscle Snatch – work – singles here, double , technique etc. LOAD is NOT important unless all lines up.
B. 10 rds
5 Front Squats (heavy but able to get 5 each time)
5 Pullups
C. Cash Out: Optional

A. Snatch Complex – Deadlift + Snatch + OHS
B. 10 rds
3 SqT Cleans (a heavy weight that you can TnG most rds)
6 C2B
C. Cash Out: Accumulate either 3 min of L-Sit or 3 min of Plank hold


LiveFree Weightlifting:

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