Friday, 08162013

A. All SFH products in stock! Also the new flavor recovery and pure!
B. Stay tuned for the date of our next In-House Comp
C. A re-design of our website is in the works. Stay tuned for updates


Buy In:
4 min of Dynamic Work @Z1
2 min of Dynamic Stretching
5 min movement prep

**20 min cap for all

Fitness / Performance:
A. Complex: Clean x 2 TnG + FS x 2 – build to a Single – 15 min
B. stations – with :30 rest between stations of;
4 min max – Wall balls (20/14 to 10′ target)
3min max – no push-up burpee box jumps 24/20
2 min max – KB Snatch (alt arms) (53/35) * scale accordingly
1 min Max – T2B *scale accordingly

Rest 5

2 rds of, AFAP
50m Broad Jumps

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