Friday, 01.14.22

Schedule today: 5:15a, 6:30a, 8:30 gym format, 4:15 and 5:30p – open format evenings.

A. AFAP (see mods below)

WZA Elite Workout

*this was 10 min time cap at competition, just for your gauge.


Thruster 135/93

C2b pull-ups

Cal Echo Bike


Options class


Thruster 115/83 95/63 75/53

C2b / Pull-ups

C2 Bike (cal = 35-25-15)

*modify thruster weight to a weight that fresh, you could complete 21 UB.

***14 min time CAP for A

B1. Power Snatch / Power Clean x 3.3.3 tng cluster. Rest :15 between cluster sets

B2. 10 wall ball weighted ghd sit-ups

*max 5 sets – superset with B1

*time = til end of class

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