CrossFit; undoubtedly the latest buzz word in fitness, has gyms popping up everywhere!

As you set out to determine which gym is the gym for you – we ask you to remember one thing:


Below are just a few examples of why we think Crossfit Free is the premier fitness facility in the area- and subsequently why we think you’ll choose CrossFit Free to embark on your fitness journey.


Salem by no means is in need of another gym…but CrossFit Free isn’t a gym at all. It’s not a place where you reluctantly go after work, plug in your head phones to avoid unwanted interaction and do the same old routine. CrossFit Free is the Cheers’ of its industry. The place you can’t wait to go after work to unwind and release, where everyone knows your name and you feel a sense of belonging.

We offer classes at 5:30 am, 6:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 4:30pm, 5:30 pm, and 6:30 pm on weekdays. And We also offer classes on Saturday at 9:00 am, and 10:00 am. We offer more classes than any other CrossFit affiliate in the area. See full class schedule here.


Because we know you have a busy and hectic schedule, and since we have more motivated and highly experienced coaches than any other CrossFit facility, we have the ability to offer more classes than other facilities.


The strength of CrossFit Free lies in our community. From Halloween parties to fitness competitions, our members are more than just fitness junkies.

Fitness is something that should make your life better; it’s not something we think should dominate your life. We believe it’s important to be well-rounded people-people who can wear multiple hats. Our members know how to work hard and in turn let loose and socialize with friends.

Not to mention, we have learned that members who are engaged in the community are more positive.There is something to be said about surrounding yourself with a diverse group of people and finding commonality. The positivity and support spans further than the workout or the gym.


We understand that everyone has to start somewhere. We also understand that education comes in many forms.

With that being said, we are firm believers that if we’re going to ask you to do something, we should also be capable.

Certifications, seminars and the like are an important part of education, but not the only part. Collectively, our trainers have certifications galore. But even more than that,  we have experience.

We work hard every day, coaches and members alike. Our hard work and experience has resulted in the following awards and accomplishments.


We welcome you to take a look around our box-you won’t find any mirrors or weight machines here- no welcome to the gun show antics or a seas of treadmills- and certainly not any juice bars or free pizza Fridays.

What you will find is the necessary equipment that allows for the broadest of workouts, forging for an overall sense of functional fitness. Picture all the ways you could incorporate barbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, jump ropes, sleds or rowers; married with a sense of determination, a lot of sweat, and the occasional tear of accomplishment. Marry that with an encouraging group of people who just endured the same gut wrenching workout-I introduce to you the 8500sq ft facility that is CrossFit Free.


Take a chance.

We welcome you to join us for a free introductory session. This will give you the chance to experience a CrossFit workout and to get acquainted with our coaches and our members. Prior to moving to group classes, you will complete a few one-on-one or two-on-one personal training sessions that will properly prepare you for the demand of group classes.


Learning movements that are required for improved fitness – movements like squats, snatches and pull-ups – take time, as does improving your mobility, your endurance, your speed and your power.

We used to throw people into group classes right away, but we learned from our mistakes. Members weren’t prepared; they were nervous, insecureor uncomfortable with the way they moved (or didn’t move). Some overestimated their capabilities, making them prone to injury. Or others were simply too intimidated to even show up to a class.

Improving your fitness is a SLOW process. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses to overcome. The spectrum is broad.

The point is we all have different needs when we start a new strength and conditioning program. It doesn’t make sense to throw you right into classes before you have properly learned the movements. At Crossfit Free, by the time you graduate to classes, you’ll have a good understanding of 30-40 movements, and how to scale each movement to your ability.

This also means that by the time you get to classes you will feel confident and comfortable showing up to hit the workout with the group.



We don’t just offer personal training and group classes. We offer both seasonal and ongoing specialty programs for members who are looking to work on their weaknesses, or for members who just want to mix it up a bit.

Read more about the following programs below.

CrossFit Class
Individualized Program
Group Coaching
Private Coaching
Livefree Weightlifting
LiveFree Barbell Club
Livefree Running Club
Nutrition Consulting


Our specialty programs help members tackle their weaknesses, and they simply provide more options for experienced members who want to try something new.