CrossFit Earned Individual Competition 10/5

2013 CrossFit Earned Autumn Open

CrossFit Earned is hosting it’s first event open to the public. Going to be a yearly competition every Fall. Come down and lets start a tradition!

Going to be capping registration at 30 male/30 female athletes.

Each Athlete will receive a competitor shirt.

Cash prizes + goodies for top 3 spots in both divisions.

*Note: This is an RX only event.


Standards list is as follows:

Handstand Push Ups (Full Range of Motion)
Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Double Unders
20# Wall Ball to 10′ target
30” box jump for reps
275# Deadlift for reps
165# Front Squat for reps
Toes to Bar
Clean & Jerk 135#+ (1RM)

Handstand Push Ups (Full Range of Motion)
Chin to Bar Pull Ups
14# Wall Ball to 9′ target
24” Box Jumps for reps
183# Deadlift for reps
113# Front Squat for reps
Toes to Bar
Clean & Jerk 93#+ (1RM)


Workouts will be announced last week of September. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

See you October 5th!


  • Registration Fee: $74.00

  • TheBoxHQ Service Fee: $1.00

  • Total: $75.00

Event Divisions

  • Men Rx

  • Women Rx

Event WODS

To be announced.


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