Saturday, 06.05.21


A. Afap – long and sweaty!

50 db devils press 50/35’s

50 synchro abmat sit-ups (passing wall ball back and forth)

500m farmers carry 70/53’s

500m run (broken up to 200/200/100)

*one partner does and extra run)

100 alt dB snatch

100 / 70 cal row ^swap however you want

1k run (alt every 200m)

Upcoming Events for CFF:

Barbells for Boobs – “Amazing Grace”

Saturday, November 30th 10:00am at Crossfit Free
“Amazing Grace”
30 Clean and Jerks for time
RX Weight is (135/93)
There will be Scaled versions of the workout for ALL.  Be part of something great and join us!
Registration Link:  HERE
To donate: choose to donate. To JOIN OUR TEAM, click to the left JOIN TEAM and register under Crossfit Free.
N.E.A.L Championships for Season 1
Saturday, December 14th 10:00am-12:00pm at Crossfit Free
Full details coming soon!
12 for 12 – Brought to you by Powered by Petersen and Crossfit Free
Saturday, December 14th 8:00pm – Sunday, December 15th 8:00am at Crossfit Free
12 workouts on the hour for 12 hours      (Limited to 25 participants)
Registration Link:  HERE
“Karen” Off
Friday, December 20th 7:30pm at Crossfit Free
150 Wall Balls to 10′ Rig Target (20/14)
Event is open to EVERYONE!  No registration fee.
$150 to both male and female first prize winners. $100 bonus for anyone that goes unbroken.
Few sponsors coming on board for this fun evening. Going to be a great FUN FRIDAY night of training with a few incentives. Everyone welcome from all over. Just show up!
Crossfit Free Christmas Party 
Sunday, December 15th 7:00pm – 10:00pm at Fuse Bistro
CFF Members ONLY
New Years at Crossfit Free
Wednesday, January 1st at 12:00am
Join us as we ring in the New Year with a fun WOD!  Has become a great tradition, going on our third year and continues to grow.  Kick off the New Year the right way with a midnight WOD and food to follow.  All are welcome!
Northeast Nastyness – Women’s Only Event by INVITE ONLY
Saturday, January 11th at 10:00am at Crossfit Free
Female Athletes from the Northeast meeting to train together and have some fun…with some incentives :).
Not limiting the number of attendees, but for the invites, will encourage ability to perform regional workouts.  Would like to make this an ANNUAL event, along with some training days throughout the year to get everyone together.
Basic requirements to have in your arsenal for the day (again, to keep everyone on the same page):
1. Muscle Ups
2. HSPU’s
3. Clean & Jerk (133# for reps)
4. Snatch (93# for reps)
5. Deadlift (223# for reps)
Registration Link (no cost to attend): HERE
Crossfit Free’s Annual “Frosty Flourisher”
Saturday, January 18th from 8:00am – 3:00pm
This is a scaled-like competition for the up-&-comer, new to competition, or new to Crossfit and ready to test themselves.
Standards for the Competition:
1. Deadlift (185/123) for reps
2. KB Swing (53/35)
3. Box Jumps (30/24)
4. Ground to Overhead (135/83)
Registration Link:  HERE
There will be cash and other prizes for 1st – 3rd place in both men and women’s divisions.
Crossfit Free’s 2014 Annual Spring Kickoff
Saturday, April 12th at 8:00am
Individual Event – 2nd year running. Perfect timing following Opens for regional athletes to step into the competition environment one more time before Regionals.
Both Rx and Scaled.
Registration Link: Coming Soon
Crossfit Free’s Masters Spring Kickoff
Saturday, April 19th at 8:00am
Masters Competition held at Crossfit Free. All masters divisions will be present, with high prize money and big sponsors coming on board. Just as we follow up the Opens with our Spring Kickoff for Rx and Scaled; getting the regional athletes back in the competition environment leading into regionals, now the Masters division have their shot!
Registration Link:  Coming Soon

Clinics are back, 5 part series. . .

Clinics are back!  Here is a 5 part series being rolled out NOW!
– each clinic and some details are below.

Clinics will run 60-90 minutes, depending.
We will cap attendance per clinic as well.

Individual Clinic
CFF Member: $25
Non CFF Member: $35

package: sign up for all clinics = $100 for CFF members, $140 for non CFF Members

Clinic # 1 – Oct 13th – Sunday starting at 10a
Pullups & Variations
– Strict, how to implement / add in
– Kipping
– Kipping for mutliple Reps
– Butterfly implement
– drills

Clinic #2 – Nov 10th starting at 10a
– Double Unders
– Explosive Box Jumps

Clinic #3 – Nov 17th starting at 10a
– HS Walks
– HS Push Ups
– Muscle Ups

Clinic #4 – Dec 1st starting at 10a
Core Work
-L Sit
-L Sit Progressions
– Variations
– Understanding how to utilize your core and build it
– Assistance stuff to add into programming. How and When?
– Details on how your core strength will single handedly improve all.
– Want 6 pack abs  😉

Clinic #5 – Dec 15th starting at 10a
– Snatch
– Clean & Jerk
*techniques, variations and drills


Email: BP@CrossFitFree to sign up!

CrossFit Earned Individual Competition 10/5

2013 CrossFit Earned Autumn Open

CrossFit Earned is hosting it’s first event open to the public. Going to be a yearly competition every Fall. Come down and lets start a tradition!

Going to be capping registration at 30 male/30 female athletes.

Each Athlete will receive a competitor shirt.

Cash prizes + goodies for top 3 spots in both divisions.

*Note: This is an RX only event.


Standards list is as follows:

Handstand Push Ups (Full Range of Motion)
Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Double Unders
20# Wall Ball to 10′ target
30” box jump for reps
275# Deadlift for reps
165# Front Squat for reps
Toes to Bar
Clean & Jerk 135#+ (1RM)

Handstand Push Ups (Full Range of Motion)
Chin to Bar Pull Ups
14# Wall Ball to 9′ target
24” Box Jumps for reps
183# Deadlift for reps
113# Front Squat for reps
Toes to Bar
Clean & Jerk 93#+ (1RM)


Workouts will be announced last week of September. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

See you October 5th!


  • Registration Fee: $74.00

  • TheBoxHQ Service Fee: $1.00

  • Total: $75.00

Event Divisions

  • Men Rx

  • Women Rx

Event WODS

To be announced.


Garage Games in Milford, CT 10/19

This is the THIRD YEAR of the most spectacular team event in the Northeast. A CrossFit Games competing box that exudes the feeling of competition with every breath.

This is the FINALE event for the Northeastern Affiliate Cup following Mass Mayhem (SOLD OUT) and Fall Faceoff (need to do at least two of these three to be considered for victory).

Four Person Teams of TWO GUYS and TWO GIRLS.  The teams do not need to be the exact teams from the other events.  So Affiliates, get your top crew together and lets all meet at Milford for one heck of a party!

Over the weekend there will be 5 workouts.

All teams will compete in 4/5 workouts.  The final event will have cuts down to the top 10.

The goal is to test who has the fittest team.  For that reason, there will be no major weight or complexity in the first four workouts that will take away from testing the teams fitness.  All members should be able to perform movements efficiently (OHS/snatch/ clean/ pull ups/ Ctb pull ups), however the weight of movements for the first four workouts will not be programmed to keep teams from competing.  Same holds true for gymnastics movements.  In the first four workouts you will not see muscle ups and handstand push ups. What you will see are challenges put together to test your will and strength as a unit!

Check out some of the Journal Menu (Awesome Sponsor of ours) photos from a prior event!