Saturday, 06.05.21


A. Afap – long and sweaty!

50 db devils press 50/35’s

50 synchro abmat sit-ups (passing wall ball back and forth)

500m farmers carry 70/53’s

500m run (broken up to 200/200/100)

*one partner does and extra run)

100 alt dB snatch

100 / 70 cal row ^swap however you want

1k run (alt every 200m)

Thursday, 111314


Fitness / Performance:
A. EMOM x 10 x 3 reps
Speed Deadlift @60% (ish)
*performance can add bands here.
B. 5 min clock
500m Row
AMRAP kb Snatch / clean and jerk
70/53 – 53/35 * depending on phase & which movement they perform

Rest 5 min
C. 5 min clock
800m run
AMRAP bw bench press
* set up prior
**scale accordingly

***classes split in two teams; opposing 5 min amraps

Saturday, 09142013

New England Affiliates League is LIVE! First Season kicks off Nov 3rd. Check out the Facebook PageHERE
Get your gym involved, share the page and join us. Details on the fb page and website will be up soon.

This weekends Events:
A. Good luck to all our athletes running the Reach The Beach event. They begin tomorrow and go through til Saturday. Get tons of pics and have lots of fun!
B. This weekend, we have athletes competing at CFNE’s competition hosted at the Reggie Lewis Center in Roxbury MA. Two day event and going to be a big one! Come down and support your teammates!

Buy In:
400m Run
2 rds of “Cindy”
3 min of thrusters with some weight, adding little as you go

Team WOD:
Teams of 2
A. 12 min to establish a combined Thruster Total Weight – 1RM for each, combine weight
rest 3 minutes
then 3 rds AFAP
40 pullups
40 Thrusters (135/93)
160 Double Unders

5k Row @80%
40 GHD Situps
30 Burpees
2k Row – AFAP to finish