• 30 Days to FREEdom. . . Nutrition Challenge

    Crossfit Free – 30 Days to FREEdom Nutrition Challenge

    $25 per person to participate

    To register, Click HERE

    CLICK HERE to visit our itunes Podcast Library. See the top podcast (newest release) for the Nutrition Challenge discussion.

    Entry Fee includes:

    1.  InBody Testing: (Bodyweight, True Bodyfat %, Muscle / Water Ratio and more)  
    2. 2x Trays for portion,
    3. Daily charting and scoring and 1st – 3rd place Prize packs.


    • Eat real food
    • Not to much (3 or 4 trays *see below)
    • Sleep 7+
    • Workout

    Eat Real Food (examples)

    Protein (will go in one small compartment of your tray)

    • Fish
    • Meat
    • Eggs

    Carbs (will go in the other small compartment of the tray. Nutrient-dense carbs are the goal here. Fruits and starchy carbs will do that for you)

    • Sweet Potato
    • Squash
    • Fruit

    Fat (general serving size of at is the size of your thumb. Try not to overdue this)

    • Avocado
    • Nuts and Seeds
    • Coconut Oil
    • Olive Oil
    • Avocado Oil
    • Grass Fed butter
    • Ghee

    Vegetables (this will fill the larger portion of your tray. Each meal needs to fill that compartment. If its a vegetable, eat it)

    •    Yes (eat all)


    1. How many trays?  – Over 165 lbs eat 4, under eat 3
    2. No processed food  – cold cuts, etc…
    3. No sweeteners or anything with added sugar
    4. Caffeine coffee is ok – no sweeteners, but unsweetened nut/plant based milk is ok
    5. No alcohol
    6. Protein Powder – Allowed if under 15% body fat for males and under 22% for females (only allowed post workout)
    7. Eat Real Food = 1 point
    8. Sticking to tray quantities and no snacking  = 1 point
    9. Sleep – Get at least 7 hours of sleep = 1 point
    10. Exercise – Each day you exercise  = 1 point
  • Clinics are back, 5 part series. . .

    Clinics are back!  Here is a 5 part series being rolled out NOW!
    – each clinic and some details are below.

    Clinics will run 60-90 minutes, depending.
    We will cap attendance per clinic as well.

    Individual Clinic
    CFF Member: $25
    Non CFF Member: $35

    package: sign up for all clinics = $100 for CFF members, $140 for non CFF Members

    Clinic # 1 – Oct 13th – Sunday starting at 10a
    Pullups & Variations
    – Strict, how to implement / add in
    – Kipping
    – Kipping for mutliple Reps
    – Butterfly implement
    – drills

    Clinic #2 – Nov 10th starting at 10a
    – Double Unders
    – Explosive Box Jumps

    Clinic #3 – Nov 17th starting at 10a
    – HS Walks
    – HS Push Ups
    – Muscle Ups

    Clinic #4 – Dec 1st starting at 10a
    Core Work
    -L Sit
    -L Sit Progressions
    – Variations
    – Understanding how to utilize your core and build it
    – Assistance stuff to add into programming. How and When?
    – Details on how your core strength will single handedly improve all.
    – Want 6 pack abs  😉

    Clinic #5 – Dec 15th starting at 10a
    – Snatch
    – Clean & Jerk
    *techniques, variations and drills


    Email: BP@CrossFitFree to sign up!

  • Updates + Note to Competition Phase / LiveFree Weightlifting and Individual Program Design Athletes. . .

    Competitors: Reminder: Competitors Meeting this Wed @7:30p at CFF

    As you know, we are expanding come Nov 1st. We will be occupying the new space as of Oct 1st and performing our build out over the next 30 days. Our new space, while adding floor space (doubling!!!) to CFF will in fact be for your training!  Competitors, our weightlifting team and Individual Program Design clients will be utilizing the new space more frequently than others.

    As we proceed on over these next 6 months approaching opens the Volume will in fact increase. We cycle as usual, but the volume as far as AM / PM sessions will start to pick up. The blog will direct you with this, but the importance of the timing involved is the trick. Consistency is key and planning accordingly will make it a lot easier for those participating in the Competitors programming. Yes, the programming is for anyone (who has the time), but this is not a PLUG & PLAY type programming template. This will NOT be allowed. For those folks not having the time to perform the Competitors workouts or volume, no problem. Performance programming in the normal class environment will be what’s for you. There will be lots of “assistance” type exercises and additional per day. This is for longevity and health, not the static approach to attacking a muscle group (which can be VERY beneficial in some cases).
    Note that as we grow, there will be time slots throughout the day for competitors to train together. AM & PM Slots. This will be great for competitors to work with another, working on their coaching as well; their coaches eye viewing their teammates. Also, will help motivate each of you.

    As we move on through the year, Team training will be organized and scheduled. Team workouts will be implemented, along with individual team training sessions. We will be traveling and hosting weekly sessions with our friends all over; to help push each other in prep for 2014 season. Anyone is welcome for these sessions, but they will be scheduled and people need to be on time and plan accordingly (if making it).

    Below is a simplified template to help you understand the year, our cycles and where we will be pushing. This will deviate a bit form the path; based on progressions and results, but will be a good idea of how things will go leading up til opens.

    Sept / Oct Nov / Dec Jan / Feb March /April May – into Regionals
    Strength Speed / High Skill Work Capacity OPENS TBD
    MAP @80-85 MAP @85-90 MAP @90+
    Aerobic CP / Lactate Testers
    CP Lactate CP / Lactate

    Sept/Oct – volume starts to increase –  double session options
    Monday: SqT Intense + OLY + High Skill CP Work

    Tuesday: Heavy Pull – TNG Work + OH work + MAP or EMOM + Asst

    Wed: Rest / Recovery – low volume, technique / skill

    Thursday: CP + OHS / OH Stability Work + MAP

    Friday: Heavy OLY + CP Breathing

    Saturday: SqT CP + Pull Strength + Aerobic / Cyclical  (Test or lactate – depending on phase)

    Sunday: Fully Rest

    questions on the above, message me.

    Approx 5.5-6 months left til the 2014 Season. We had a great year last year, but this is our year. Our team has been working harder than ever. The beginning phases were carried out and the balance was made for all with their overall fitness. Now it’s time to start dialing things in, cycle out properly until opens; being the best “us” we can be going into opens. . . and essentially being ready for Regionals come May.

    I have gotten a lot of inquiries in regards to Individual Program Design. There will be some updates coming to membership packages incorporating this this for the gym as a whole. For those with Regionals in their site and as a goal, this programming is done through the PBP side of things. This individualized program design is VERY specific and far more detailed. Those interested in this, can reach out to me directly. We have great plans for CFF, the program design side of things and our coaching staff growing in this format. Stay  tuned and as always, thank you for the support from our community daily. You guys made this expansion and our growth possible!


    Events Update: See Below

    UPDATE: We have a ton of events coming up. Small list to catch everyone up.
    1. This weekend, 5k Charity race in Salem NH for Kids Cancer Foundation. Not signed up yet? No worries, show up saturday and you register there! kicks off at noon at Margaritas in Salem.
    2. Sept 28th – Competition Training at Route 1. we will be heading down, to do some individual stuff with our friends at route 1. Competitors welcome to join.
    3. Oct 5th – We will be attending Individual Competition at CrossFit Earned in Merrimack NH. We have athletes competing this day and will be a good time for all.
    4. I will be teaching a Weightlifting Clinic at CF 2A in Acton Mass on Sunday Oct 6th. This will be a 4 hour clinic which i believe they are allowing non 2a members to attend. If interested, let me know and i will relay you to Nicole.
    5. Sat: Oct 12th – our 5 teams will be training for the following weekend competition at CrossFit Milford. Anyone else interested in putting together a 4 person team to join us for the fun, you are welcome to. stay tuned to blog for time this will kick off.
    6. Oct 19th & 20th – we have 5 teams of 4 competing at CrossFit Milford, in Milford CT. If you are free to come down (I know its a hike) it will be a great time. Come support your teammates and lets flood the crowd with as much CFF gear as possible.
    7. Oct 27th – Individual Competition at CrossFit 2a in Action. RX and Scaled division. We have athletes competing and will be going to support Nicole and her gym.
    8. Nov 3rd – 1st Season of the New England Affiliates League kicks off! I know a lot have expressed interested in this. See me with questions, but understand this is a New England thing. This is NOT just CFF. this is going to be HUGE! Teams of 6, 4 compete weekly. Again, all details here on FB< plus the site will be live very soon. Questions, message me
    9. Nov 9th – we are hosting our third In HOUSE Competition. This is for EVERYONE> We encourage every member of CrossFit Free to register. All skill levels welcome and its a great time for our community. Please go register asap for this!
    9. Nov 16th – we have Don McCauley coming to CrossFit Free for his weightlifting seminar. Cost is $225 per person and will be the best $225 you spend on yourself to learn the lifts. Don is one of the best weightlifting coaches in this country and has coached on all levels, from olympic athletes down to owning his own CF affiliate in Georgia. You will NOT want to miss this clinic.
    10. Nov 30th – Barbells For Boob Charity Event – “Amazing Grace”. We have hosted this at CFF and i ran this elsewhere years prior. amazing event for everyone and for a great cause! Link is online, register and help us raise a few bucks.
    11. Dec 6th – 8th – Kellie & TJ will be competing at the AMERICAN OPEN in Dallas Texas. We hope you can watch this live feed similar to Nationals. We have donation page to help them get there. Anything helps.
    12. Jan 18th 2014 – Frosty Flourisher – Competition being hosted at CrossFit Free. Scaled like event, great event for the up and comer and those looking to have a great time competing.

  • New England Affiliates League

    New England Affiliates League is here!

    Our first season kicks off November 3rd. Visit our Facebook page HERE

    Help us grow here in the Northeast. Get involved and share our page. Thank you

  • Thurs, 091213

    New England Affiliates League is LIVE! First Season kicks off Nov 3rd. Check out the Facebook Page HERE
    Get your gym involved, share the page and join us. Details on the fb page and website will be up soon.

    Buy In:
    5 min of Rowing Technique
    5 min of Dynamic Work @Z1
    Movement Pre /Mobility

  • Wed, 091113

    Weightlifting Wed tonight, 7:30p. Come work your technique on the weightlifting movements, hit a contest or simply throw around some heavy weights! Everyone is welcome. Join us.

    New England Affiliates League is LIVE! First Season kicks off Nov 3rd. Check out the Facebook Page HERE
    Get your gym involved, share the page and join us. Details on the fb page and website will be up soon.

    Fitness / Performance:
    A. Strict Press 2-2-2 – across @75-80%
    B. Push Press 3-3-3-3 across @80-85%
    ^15 min to complete the above, keeping rest periods short.
    C. For Time: Teams of @2
    2001m Row
    AMRAP 20 (alternating between partners 1 rd, then other goes etc)
    9 Burpees
    11 Wall Balls (30/20) * scale accordingly

    9 x 200′s, rest :30 between
    11 x 100m Row Sprints @ ME; rest 1 min between

    Live Free WL:
    A. Snatch DL + Hang Snatch + Snatch – build to single
    B. Clean x 2 + Jerk x 2 – build to max on complex
    C. Front Squat – build to 1RM for day with 4 second pause in hole