For those who have yet to experience CrossFit fever, CrossFit is a workout program designed with the ability to scale to any fitness level. CrossFit in essence, merges fitness with community.

Can you give us an hour a day? We can start with a few times a week, but shortly after that you’ll be hooked, and well see you more often than not.

Crossfit Classes are 60 jam packed minutes. We’ll warm you up, stretch you out, build some strength, work you out, and just as you think its over we’ll ask for whatever effort you have left for what we call the “cash out”. At the end of 60 minutes- you’re spent.

 A good night’s sleep is all but guaranteed. 

Are you looking to have a leg up on the competition? Perhaps you’re looking to “get back on the horse” after an injury, or push the limits that “they” put on you as you age. Whatever your goal or reason- if you’re looking for something customized, you’ve come to the right place.

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Want to supplement your teams off season training? Looking to do some team building? Want to show the power of community? Maybe you’re getting married and instead of one last hurrah you get the bridal party together for a battle of the sexes.

Were pretty flexible, whatever your group or team is interested in; shoot us an email. We’ll see what we can put together for you. Some current offerings include:

– Sports Teams
– Company Sessions
– Family Sessions
– Team Building
– Birthday Parties
– Bachelorette Bootcamps
– Off Site Private Training and Group Training Sessions 

Email for additional information.

Looking for more attention? Want to hone in your form? Maybe you’ve just never been good at sharing…and that’s ok. Private; One-on-One sessions are available with the coach of your choice.

Rates per coach vary.

To get started, fill out the form to the right. Make sure to include your coach of choice and we’ll have them touch base with you to discuss goals and availability.

Pizza and Beer—no doubt delicious…But we want you to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to run on all cylinders. Regardless of your fitness goal; weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain- pizza and beer won’t help you reach them.
Let us assist you in understanding how your body uses food. What signals your body receives from the food you feed it, how you could be sabotaging yourself without even knowing it, and perhaps even discovering food intolerances you never knew you had.

We offer:
Customized Meal Plans
Current Diet Review
Nutrition Lecture-private or group

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CrossFit Free is home to the LiveFree Weightlifting Club; a USAWL sponsored Club here in Salem NH.

We have team training sessions numerous times per week and are always looking for people with the love of Weightlifting to join us.

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