Spacious and Modern Facilities

We don’t have ellipticals or weight machines. No fancy locker rooms or “women only” areas, and certainly not any fitness “routines” performed to music wearing legwarmers or belly chains. Were a pretty simple, no thrills type of place.

When you walk in the door you’ll most likely encounter a smiling face before you make your way into the general area. Once there, you’ll notice we didn’t dump any money into an interior designer. We didn’t conduct any study’s to see which wall color the masses considered most welcoming or inviting. We also didn’t invest in a network of TV’s to take your mind off working out. We essentially did the complete opposite.

The walls are a neutral gray, aside from the stripe on the wall (you’ll find out its meaning later). The floor is covered with rubberized mats to absorb noise and vibration. If you happen to get there while the WOD is still take place, it might look something like organized chaos- barbells, kettlebells, jump ropes—maybe even the rowers are out, people buzzing around in every direction as the clock ticks away. When time is up you’ll notice a calm for a few split seconds. It’s the sense of accomplishment and hard work, coupled with silence that only fatigue can bring. It will grow on you. Soon it will bring you comfort.

We welcome you to take a look around our box and our equipment – but we know those aren’t the best part of our gym. They aren’t what will make you want to join. The environment is. Our community is.

We will equip you with just about everything you need to succeed and help you grow- no glitz and glam necessary.