Lindsay Fortin


That is what Crossfit Free has done for me. I’ve always been active; competitively dancing for 18 years, running track in high school, and being dedicated to working out regularly. But I always lacked confidence and was never happy with how my body looked. I was “skinny fat”: I was thin, but still jiggly because I didn’t have any muscle. Fast forward to November, 2011 when Crossfit Free opened and I decided to give it a try. My first day I did a VERY modified “Jackie” and I was hooked! Brandon and Justin have been the best coaches from day one; they seem to know what I’m capable of doing even when I don’t have the faith in myself. They push me when I want to quit and are waiting with a smile and a high five when I do what they already knew I could accomplish. And it’s not just the coaches at CFF that make it such a great place; it’s all the members, too! It’s amazing to workout with strangers who’ve become friends, who get as excited when you do your first hand stand or pull up as you do! My days at Crossfit Free have not only changed my body, but my mind, too. I can honestly say that I love myself, inside and out, and realize how strong and capable I really am, not just in the gym, but in life.Don’t believe a workout can do all that? I dare you to try it! Justin and Brandon, I can’t even begin to thank you enough for all your help, encouragement, patience, pushing, and faith in me! You should both be proud of all you do and the lives you’ve changed. Lindsay Fortin – Aug 2012