Janelle O'Loughlin

I have always had a love of fitness and movement. As a child, I was a competitive gymnast through high school. My 1980’s “Get In Shape Girl” kit was my favorite toy growing up. This continued into my young adulthood. I ran tons of road races, competed in triathlons, and spent lots of time in the gym.


In 2005 While pregnant with twins I managed to gain 100 + pounds.

My days looked very different at this point in my life, I loved my babies but felt trapped inside someone else’s body. I was uncomfortable and unhappy with myself. When the twins were a few months old I knew I had to make changes. I started back at the gym and had set a goal for myself to lose that hundred pounds by the twins first birthday. It took strength and dedication in me I didn’t know I had. But I’m proud to say I had dropped all hundred + pounds at the one year mark. This journey made realize again how much I loved fitness, And lead me to want to help others on their journeys. I spent the next few years working part time at my gym getting certified in nutrition, personal training, and various group fitness programs like Les Mills, as well as Zumba :). I now ran road races and half marathons with my clients and friends. The twins in their double jogging stroller usually in tow.

I helped run a program at our gym for weight-loss, accountability, fitness, and longevity. Seeing the changes in others that I experienced firsthand was so incredibly fulfilling. I loved what I was doing so much, but felt like I wanted to do something different now for myself to continue growing and learning. That’s when I heard about Crossfit. I walked into the doors of CrossFit Free almost 9 years ago and watched a class from a far. I distinctively remember seeing a diverse group of people, all ages, shapes and sizes. One woman in particular that looked maybe a little bit older than me with a barbell over her head and I was instantly in love. I signed up that day, and never looked back. After cross fitting and competing for many years I again want to share my love of fitness and the sport with people in our community. I received my L1 Certification in early 2019, and started coaching shortly after. I am forever grateful of how Crossfit has changed my life.


Its funny, I feel like I am always proud of others. As a mom of three I’m proud of my girls when they accomplish new things. I’m proud of my dogs and family/friends for the same. But when are we ever really proud of ourselves as adults? When do we push ourselves to try new things even though we’re scared? When do we keep pushing even when it’s hard? That platform for me has been CrossFit.

CrossFit has truly made me a better, stronger person. It is my passion and I hope to continue to grow and pass that on daily to members of our community through coaching.