Tuesday, 041718 Fu

Horrrrr-ray for Tuesday.



Nutrition challenge is Live! FB group has link to google drive document for all points. Remember, accrued points to date are on board at gym also. Measurements / body fat % times and availability in group.



A. Single leg KB deadlift 12-15 reps x 4 quick sets. 1

Min rest between alternating sides and rest etc


10/8 cal bike

60′ walking lunge

10 alt db power snatch 50/35 40/30 or less where needed


Post class:


1. Weighted plank. Max weight did 5 x 1 minutes

2. Sorenson hold : 1 min hold x 3 setS

3. 5-7 min of shoulder flushing ; via flow yoga and just body weight we can start.

4. 4×15 banded scap squeeze with 1-3 second pause At hold

5. 10 min minimum on ankles and hamstrings

7. Crossover symmetry protocol




1. Warm Up

– 800m easy

– 800m as hard straights – easy turns

2. Main Set 1

– 6 x 200m moderate effort on 10sec rest

3. Main Set 2

– 10 x 100m repeats on 60sec: complete a fast 100m then turn and run slowly back to the start. The next repeat you go on the minute. The effort on the 100m’s if fast while holding form

4. Cool Down

– 800-1200m easy

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