Tuesday, 031318




A. CrossFit Free’s First podcast is being recorded today. Stay tuned for YouTube / iTunes Links to come. This will be a weekly episode, discussing internals of CFF. Lots of great info and inter-actings with those within. In this first episode, we will be discussing post Open plans for CFF, phase adjustments and some upcoming plans.

B. Schedule for today: normal schedule, but please stay tuned to the private CFF Facebook group as we reach to our community to check attendance and so forth. Be safe!

C. Join us Friday for Friday Night Lights, 18.4. 5p warmup start and 5:30p for first heat. Just two weeks left!


Fitness / Performance:

A. Skill session: Rig Walk (play) or Hand Balancing ; progressions and build-outs

B. EMOM x 21

Minute 1: 3-5 HEAVY Hang Power Cleans

Minute 2: 12 t2b + 1 Rope climb (with feet)

Minute 3: 30′ DB thrust Lunge (see below) 50/35

*lunge one step, step back leg up and thruster DB’s , then alt legs and lunge forward; essentially making your way 30’

**modify accordingly


Post class:


1. Weighted GHD Situps; 3 x 15

2. 3 x 14 Russian twists (use wall ball, med ball or plate)

4. Crossover Symmetry

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