Saturday, 041418 T

“Please be locked out”


Teams of 2:

A. Hang squat clean – 3RM in 15


Rest 2-3 – transition stagger if needed

B. Afap / stagger start

10 rope climbs (6 at a time)

100/80 cal bike

50 t2b

1500m row (300m at a time then switch)

50 DB hang squat cleans 50/35’s

1k run / done in split 200’s.



Track day with Coach Steve Fluet kicks off today. Leaving CFF about 12-12:30. It’s $25 per person for today 12:30-3 and tomorrow 9a-12p. So $25 for potential of almost 6 hours of training. No brainer! Everyone is welcome who wants to learn techniques of running, pacing, breathing.

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