Sat, 060918

A. Push Press or Push Jerk to 3RM


5 Tng Clean and Jerks (heavy)

20/16 cal row

45 double unders

Rest 5 minutes x 4rds ; athletes choose weight. Make it heavy, but TnG and unbroken. Ok to push it on later rounds and compete with numbers.


Post Class:


Track: Test Session

1. Warm Up

– 600-800 easy

– 800 as hard straights – easy turns

2. Main Set 1

– 400 moderate

3. Main Set 2: Test

– 13min test set: max number of laps completed in 13min- this effort is fast(Masters 10min)

3. Cool Down

– 600-1200m easy


Recovery; athlete specific and whatever time you have left to put into the day

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