Robert Keefe

My entire life has revolved around athletics starting with little league baseball all the way to Division 1 Track and Field. I always found myself looking for something and challenging myself. In 2008 I found my next challenge in Crossfit. At first, I was very skeptical of Crossfit. Then, one day a friend of mine convinced me to do my first “WOD.” I still remember it to this day… “Linda”. I was floored; I was also immediately hooked, and I never looked back. Crossfit is my life’s passion now; it’s helped me lose 65Lbs, meet some of the best people in the world and it’s pushed me not only physically but mentally, as well. It has taught me that anything can be accomplished with dedication and hard work.


Crossfit Level 1 Certified Trainer
Crossfit Power Lifting Trainer (under Mark Bell)
Crossfit Movement and Mobility Trainer (under Kelly Starrett)
Crossfit Running/Endurance Trainer (under Max Wunderle)
Crossfit 2013 Judges course
Attitude Nation Level 1 Certified (under Jon North)
Mass EMT-B Certified (under Sean Dean)
American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR/AED Certified