Brandon Petersen

Co-Owner / Trainer

I’m not your typical entrepreneur.

I didn’t graduate High School. I didn’t attend an Ivy League College.

My family didn’t have connections.

I can’t write code and unfortunately I didn’t invent a social media platform.

But I did, however, find something I love to do.

My journey started young.
When I was 18, instead of heading off to college or enlisting in the armed forces, I packed up, took life by the horns and moved to Ohio to become part of a sub culture stunting motorcycles. I would travel the United States taking part in stunt shows.

This was single highhandedly the best decision of my life to date and while most of the time I was flying by the seat of my pants; it allowed me to discover my true passion and talents.

It was here that I realized you could make a life doing what you loved. These guys turned their hobby into their career. They played by their own rules—this was the first time that being an entrepreneur clicked.

I wanted in.

I started a website selling stunt t-shirts, and compiling stunt videos for resale. The thing was, this wasn’t “me”. I loved the “hobby” of Stunt Riding, but the “scenes” weren’t for me, let alone I didn’t see myself stunting bikes into my 40’s!

I put my entrepreneurial spirit on hold, moved home, and got a job in retail technology that quickly moved me up the ranks. This included responsibility of opening new locations, on-boarding new employees, and hitting quota. I was always motivated by success, and as I moved my way up the corporate ladder I learned to motivate others, and coach them to succeed. Without their success, I wouldn’t be able to succeed… and that wasn’t an option.

Once the retail technology low tide started to come in, I jumped ship to the Finance Industry. The idea of numbers/math always came natural to me. In this business, when everyone is making money- everyone’s happy. Money was there, “success” (relative term) was there, but as time went on, I simply wasn’t happy. I wanted more .

Throughout my time in finance, I had stumbled upon CrossFit. I was introduced to CF back in 2007. I instantly loved the idea of CF from a fitness stand point. The idea of my own CF started to manifest in my mind, slowing building, drawing plans and layouts- but my hands were tied.

My life had been built around a certain monetary factor and the Finance industry income was a tough one to replace. That being said, the “missing piece” for me could only linger for so long.

I jumped in slowly.

A friend introduced me to a local strength and conditioning coach who was looking to expand his business to incorporate CrossFit. I offered to head up the whole thing. This gave me the avenue to “dry run” building the business from the ground up. I did the research, assisted in the build out, and later joined as part of the coaching staff.

But it wasn’t mine.

Shortly later, I signed the lease for what is now the home of CrossFit Free in October of 2011 and never looked back.

In April 2013 CrossFit Free made it to the NorthEast CrossFit Regionals- after being open for just under a year and a half. This was a HUGE accomplishment! Although we did experience some heartbreak, this lead me to dig in and dig deep- and so PBP- Powered by Petersen was born.

PBP offers custom programming to athletes and members in hopes of letting them reach their athletic potential. I am diligent about keeping up to speed with the newest exercise physiology findings and lifting techniques to ensure my athletes are getting the best.

I am able to use all of lessons I learned in my years of corporate America and apply them to today’s endeavors. I motivate, encourage and hold athletes accountable. It’s the perfect balance. I keep up my end of the bargain by being their “manager” and they keep up their end by working towards a goal. The major difference between those big companies, and myself is that the athlete gets the major benefit. I’m not running away with their accomplishment and hard work. They are.

In addition to CrossFit Free and Powered By Petersen, I am also the head of LiveFree Youth- a non-profit sports education program, Founder of 12-for-12- an Annual Charity event incorporating 12 workouts in 12 hours and a phenomenal community experience, Club President of LiveFree Weightlifting, and in the process of opening another Affiliate in Massachusetts.

I also offer consulting in an effort to “fine tune” other affiliate gym’s from a business end; creating a much bigger picture for their sites, a much more efficient system in place to carry out their vision and goals.

The world we live in is about relationships; in all aspects. Learning to utilize them, form them, grow them and build on them is the key to success in my opinion.

No matter where or how you got your start.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer 
USAW Senior Coach 
CrossFit Kettlebell Certified (under Jeff Martone) 
CrossFit Powerlifting Certified (under Mark Bell) 
CrossFit Nutrition (under Rob Wolf) 
CrossFit Kids Certified
FMS (Functional Movement Screening) Certified
OPT CCP Program Design 
OPT CCP Assessment