Our Coaches

A fit life will provide you with the preparedness for any physical demand that life might present you with, as well as staving off decrepitude, or the loss in ability to perform everyday functions. In other words, a fit life will set you free, free from limitation, and free to pursue your genetic physical and mental potential. Whether you are a first timer, elderly, young, de-conditioned athlete, or a striving athlete looking to up your game, our coaches can hone in and address your areas which will lead you to a higher level of fitness. We have coaches with certifications in CrossFit, NSCA, Olympic Lifting, Kettle Bells, Mobility, Nutrition, Kids, as well as experience in a variety of sports applications spanning the gamut from Wrestling to Track & Field to Football. At CrossFit Free, our broad and inclusive experience base quite literally frees you to move through life without limitation. “The most valuable adaptation a coach can affect in an athlete occurs between the ears” – Coach Greg Glassman.